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PIVOT Series

The PIVOT Series was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to showcase how people were shifting gears and adjusting to the sudden changes personally, professionally, socially and for their businesses.  

HBCU PIVOT - Alumni Perspectives | Sunday, June 7 | 5:00PM (EDT)

HBCU PIVOT - Alumni Perspectives is a panel discussion that brings together four major Historically Black College and University alumni leaders.  Florida A&M University, Howard University, Southern University and Tuskegee University alumni will be represented in this discussion focused on enrollment and retention, fundraising and engagement from an alumni perspective.  The session will be moderated by Zillah Fluker, PhD, chief elevation officer of activate|elevate, LLC and creator of the PIVOT Series.

This event is made possible by Financial Institutional Change Agency, Inc, a premiere wellness and telehealth provider and our media partner is Heart & Soul Magazine.

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